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Deck Resurfacing

Give life to your existing deck with deck resurfacing

Resurfacing An Existing Deck

Revitalize your outdoor space with Echelon Deck Group's deck resurfacing service, the smart solution to enjoy a refreshed deck without the need for a new frame—provided the original structure is sound. We offer a variety of materials for your new deck surface, including Treated Lumber, Cedar, and Composite, to match your aesthetic and durability needs.

Enhance your deck with Echelon Deck Group:

  • Surface Renewal: Choose from Treated Lumber, Cedar, or Composite for a fresh, new look.

  • Railing Upgrade: We recommend updating your railings and posts for a complete transformation and added safety.

  • Structural Assessment: Our experts ensure the original frame's integrity before resurfacing.

With Echelon Deck Group, give your deck a new lease on life. Our resurfacing process not only updates its appearance but also extends its longevity. Contact us for a free estimate and take the first step towards a beautifully revitalized deck.

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