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Pavilion and Gazebo

Create your perfect outdoor entertaining space with a custom gazebo

Pavilion and Gazebo Construction

Transform your deck with Echelon Deck Group's Pavilion and Gazebo additions, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living space. Both structures can be crafted from Treated or Cedar Lumber, accented with PVC trim for a polished look, and designed with a choice of Treated Lumber, Cedar, or PVC soffits. Add functionality with optional electrical installations for lighting and ceiling fans.


  • Ideal for extending your deck's usability and aesthetic appeal. 

  • Customizable materials and soffits to complement your outdoor space.  

  • Optional electrical setup for enhanced ambiance and comfort.



  • A classic addition to any deck, offering shaded retreats and architectural interest.  

  • Tailor-made with durable materials and fine detailing for a unique touch.  

  • Equipped for electrical integration, perfect for evening relaxation.


Echelon Deck Group brings expert craftsmanship to every Pavilion and Gazebo project, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing deck. Reach out for a free estimate and elevate your outdoor experience with our bespoke construction services.

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