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Barrington, IL Deck Builders

From treated lumber to cedar to composite decking, we design and build your dream deck

Building & Designing Dream Decks for Barrington, IL

Welcome to Echelon Deck Group, where craftsmanship meets creativity to transform outdoor spaces into captivating havens in Barrington, Illinois. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in designing and constructing custom decks that seamlessly blend functionality with beauty. As a trusted deck contractor, our commitment to excellence ensures that each deck we build not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also stands the test of time, creating an outdoor oasis you'll never want to leave.

Choosing Your Perfect Barrington Deck

In Barrington, IL, our approach to outdoor living spaces, including Pressure-Treated Lumber Decks, Cedar Lumber Decks, and Composite Decks, elevates simplicity to an art form. Leveraging advanced 3D design tools, we provide a clear, immersive view of your potential deck, enhancing communication and decision-making.

Our deck designs stand out for their blend of contemporary innovation and classic durability, ensuring your deck—whether treated lumber, cedar, or composite—remains a timeless extension of your home. By marrying modern design principles with traditional materials, we ensure that every deck we craft in Barrington, whether it's a new build or enhancing an existing deck, is not only cutting-edge but also enduringly beautiful.

Composite Deck

cedar deck example 2.jpg

Cedar Deck


Treated Lumber Deck

New Deck Construction


From Our Customers

Design Graphic, Deck Builders, Decks Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

"Echelon deck group upgraded our second story deck and house as a whole. The new deck is stunning and adds so much curb appeal to our house. From the very beginning, Gil and his team were outstanding."

- Asia Motta, Homeowner

Design Graphic, Deck Builders, Decks Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

"They were all very professional, hard working and all together 100% impressive! I have a little house on the river and they built me a gorgeous deck that looks right out to the River! I have a good feeling this deck will outlive me! I highly recommend the Echelon Deck Group"

- Jennifer Thompson, Homeowner

Design Graphic, Deck Builders, Decks Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

"We are thrilled with our new deck and this company! They are very professional and did a great job replacing and building our new deck! It is hard to find people you can trust these days and we are happy we found this company."

- Ron Cohen, Homeowner

Why Echelon Deck Group?

Echelon Deck Group excels at helping you enjoy the outdoors in Barrington, IL, with expert deck building services for residential and commercial projects.

Offering a variety of high-quality decking materials and expert deck installation, we are dedicated to transforming any outdoor living area in Barrington into a vibrant, welcoming space that reflects our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.


With over a decade of expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional deck construction services, harnessing our extensive experience to create outdoor living spaces that blend beauty, functionality, and durability. Our commitment to excellence in every project ensures that each deck we build stands as a testament to our craftsmanship and dedication to enhancing your outdoor experience.

Design & Construction

We offer advanced 3D design services, allowing you to visualize and tailor your future deck in detail before construction. This interactive process ensures your ideas are fully realized, combining your vision with our expertise. Experience a blend of innovation and personalization, ensuring the final deck not only meets but surpasses your expectations, transforming your outdoor space into a perfect extension of your home. ​​

Exceptional Service

Our passion for excellence ensures your deck not only meets but exceeds quality standards. With a focus on premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, we aim to transform your outdoor area into a durable, beautiful extension of your home. Every deck we create reflects our dedication to detail, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, promising an outdoor space that enhances your lifestyle and brings lasting joy.

Customer Deck Projects

In Barrington, IL, our dedication to customer satisfaction shapes our approach to deck building, aiming to enhance outdoor living spaces and bring joy to our clients. Our collaborative process involves close engagement with you to fully understand your vision and preferences, ensuring the deck we create is a perfect match for your lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

By blending innovative techniques with timeless design, we craft inviting outdoor decks that exceed expectations and become a valued extension of your home, fostering relaxation and happiness. Our expertise ensures that each top deck we create is a perfect blend of functionality and beauty.

Pergola Builders Near Me 
in Barrington, IL

Pergola built by Echelon Deck Group in Algonquin, IL

Echelon Deck Group leads the way in transforming outdoor spaces in BarringtonBarrington Hills, South Barrington, North Barrington, and Lake Barrington, IL, with expert Pergola builders, enhancing both residential and commercial properties. Specializing in Pergolas alongside a broad spectrum of services such as Deck Construction, Porches, Screen Rooms, and more, we are committed to turning any outdoor setting into a captivating haven.

Our focus on using premium materials and delivering exceptional craftsmanship guarantees that each Pergola installation project embodies our high standards and commitment to excellence, making every outdoor area a beautifully designed, welcoming retreat.

Deck Builders Near Me In Barrington, IL

Echelon Deck Group is at the forefront of enhancing outdoor spaces in BarringtonBarrington Hills, South Barrington, North Barrington, and Lake Barrington by providing top-tier deck construction and outdoor living solutions for both homes and businesses. Our expertly crafted decks not only add value to your home but also ensure enjoyment for years to come.

With an expanded array of services that now includes New Deck Construction, Pergolas, Porches, Screen Rooms, Four Season Rooms, Deck Resurfacing, Pavilion and Gazebo installations, Stamped Concrete, ADA Ramps, Storm Doors, and Masonry Landscape, we're dedicated to converting your outdoor areas into dynamic, inviting spaces.

Our commitment to superior materials, low maintenance solutions, and a wide range of design options ensures that every project reflects our high standards and dedication to excellence. We take pride in our fine craftsmanship, ensuring each deck is built to last.

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  • What services do deck builders near Barrington provide?
    Our deck builders near Barrington offer a comprehensive range of services, including custom deck design, deck construction, deck repair, and maintenance. We specialize in both traditional wood decks and modern decking materials to suit any style and preference.
  • What decking materials do you offer for building a new deck?
    We offer a variety of decking materials, including pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite, and hardwoods. Each material has its own set of benefits, and we can help you choose the best option for your new deck based on your aesthetic preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements.
  • How long does a deck project in Barrington typically take from start to finish?
    The duration of a deck project in Barrington varies depending on the complexity and size of the deck. Typically, projects can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. During the initial phone call, we will provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific needs and the design of your deck.
  • Can you help design a custom pergola for my deck area?
    Yes, we can help you design and build a custom pergola for your deck area. Pergolas can be made from a variety of materials and come in a variety of styles to complement your outdoor space. They add functionality and a unique aesthetic to any deck or patio.
  • How do I know if I need deck repair or should consider building a new deck?
    If your deck shows signs of significant wear and tear, such as cracked or splintered deck boards, unstable railings, or foundational issues, it might be time for a repair or a complete rebuild. Our Barrington deck builders can assess the condition of your current deck and recommend the best course of action to ensure safety and longevity.
  • How do decks add value to your home and enhance outdoor living?
    Decks are a valuable addition to any home, providing a perfect space for relaxation and entertainment. A well-designed deck not only extends your living area but also enhances the overall aesthetic and value of your home. Our decked out builders create custom designs that cater to your needs, ensuring a beautiful and functional extension of your home where you can enjoy the outdoors among the things we do best.
  • Do you build decks in Barrington Hills, South Barrington, North Barrington, and Lake Barrington?
    Yes, Echelon Deck Group builds decks in Barrington Hills, South Barrington, North Barrington, and Lake Barrington. We offer top-tier deck construction and outdoor living solutions to enhance homes and businesses in these areas. Our services include new deck construction, pergolas, porches, screen rooms, four-season rooms, deck resurfacing, pavilion and gazebo installations, stamped concrete, ADA ramps, storm doors, and masonry landscape. Contact us to discuss your specific project needs and find out how we can transform your outdoor spaces.
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